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The tradition of the Brotherhood of Masons stretches back over 500 years, to a time when guilds of freemasons traveled throughout Europe laying the stones of the great Gothic cathedrals. In America, Masons were active even before 1733, the year the first Provincial Grand Lodge of Masons was formally organized in Massachusetts by Henry Price. Today the United States can claim the oldest continuously operating Masonic organization in the western Hemisphere. In its early years, Masonry numbered among it members some of the nation’s most influential citizens, including George Washington, Henry Knox, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and Paul Revere.

Currently, the Conference membership consists of the Grand Lodges of the Provinces of Canada; the States of the United States of America, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico; the State of York, Mexico; and the American-Canadian Grand Lodge of Germany.  These Grand Masters represent some 2 million Freemasons in North America.  Grand Masters from countries throughout the world also attend the annual Conference to join in fellowship.  The annual Conference is the largest gathering of Grand Masters in the world.

The Annual Meeting shall normally be held beginning on the third (3rd) Sunday in February of each year at a time and place to be held in February of the fourth (4th) year prior thereto.

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