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Globalization or the New World Order is irreversible and it is useless to oppose it. 

Humanism must be privileged. Placing the human being at the heart of social life, respecting nature, can only be a vector of well-being and happiness for all, without distinction. This presupposes seeing in each person an extension of oneself, beyond differences and even divergences.

Ever since human beings have appeared on Earth, they have never stopped expanding their field of action and relationships, initially extending from one clan to another, then from one village to another, from one city to another, from one country to another, and finally from one continent to another. With the development of means of transportation and communication, the world has become a single country. This is a natural evolution that we should rejoice in, as it is a vector for mutual understanding and peace between peoples. However, this process is still in its infancy and it comes up against the diversity of cultures, mentalities, and economic and political systems, so it is still exacerbating inequalities. For this reason we think it is necessary to speed it up and give it a humanist orientation so that it benefits the well-being of all.

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