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Path to Wholeness
Everyone who cares about true knowledge has searched in vain for years, or even for his entire life, for a reliable method of learning with which he could fulfill his greatest desire, that of finding the path to wholeness. The longing for such a lofty goal stimulated him to collect the best books and works on the subject, but which mostly contained only beautiful words and promises, and left much to be desired in actual practice. With all these methods gathered over time the seeker probably didn't get the desired guidance, and the targeted goal started to drift further and further away. Even when someone, following this or that guidance, began to work on his own evolution, his efforts and good will did not show satisfactory results; moreover, no one could answer his ever-present doubt as to whether the path he chose was in fact the right one for his individuality.


To all these patient seekers, now is the time to delegate to the Illuminati Order the mission of offering to this humanity, yearning for divine truth, the knowledge acquired and tested in a long years of practice in all areas of "higher wisdom", and compiled in a universal work.

We are an organization that any good person can participate in, regardless of sex, race, political and religious beliefs. The Light comes from on high and is for all who seek it. No distinction of color or beliefs can be made, and in this lies its security, and through this the Universal Fraternity will be produced.

We work on the formation of leaders, defining men and women, creative and self-initiators. Leaders who inspire others, who do not need approval, permission or assistance from others.

The source of the "light" must be directly communicated from a higher source, or due to an enlightened and exalted condition of human intelligence - a mental quality consisting of the abilities to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, understand and manipulate abstract concepts, and use knowledge to manipulate the environment.

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