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Prosperity must be extended to everyone, and everyone must have access to social and technological advances. It is necessary to act on this fair distribution.

We work together to spread the seeds of freedom and prosperity far and wide. It is one of our goals to establish local influence in as many countries as possible.

The World Illuminati Order  is an international institution of philosophical, political, monetary and social reflection, without party-political ties, and proposes to take the world to a New Secular Order, and for this it counts on the forces of society as a whole, independent of ideologies and religions.

We fight for the enlightenment of society and the search for reason, in the light of the Enlightenment principles.

We defend freedom of belief, science, and philosophy, freedom from the excesses of state oppression and obscurantist rulers, and equal conditions between men and women. We have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.

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