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Below is an overview of the Graduation System, divided into three Classes or Cycles.

Illuminati Philosophy Class or Cycles

Mason Degree

Minerval Class

Grade I Novice

Grade II Minerval

Grade III Minerval Illuminatus

Gnostic Templar Class

Grade IV

Grade V

Grade VI

Grade VII

Grade VIII

Mysteries Class 

Lesser Mysteries

Degree IX

Degree X

Greater Mysteries

Degree XI

Degree XII

Degree XIII (special situation)


Conditions necessary to be admitted to the Order:

Be over 21 years of age, having integrity, virtues, and have sufficient income not to be dependent on others. University Degree. Not have a criminal conviction.

Sending the form does not guarantee your registration. After passing the preliminary examination of the data informed you will receive a contact from our Masters for a definitive evaluation.

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