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The structure of the Illuminati Philosophy is based entirely on a hierarchical system in which certain information and knowledge is reserved for students who have reached specific circles or levels in their esoteric training.


Each student member has a mentor of higher rank, the Master. All students have a mentor throughout their progression through the degrees.

Each student member should keep his mentor regularly informed about his personal esoteric work, in a way that has been agreed upon between them in advance of their initial contact (e.g., through personal online meetings, written reports, etc.).

Each member should inform their mentor as early as possible of any departure from the study plan.

Study system

The digital format favors teaching through the Virtual Environment, a space where the brother can access all the content without leaving home. The brother can also hold scheduled meetings with his Mentor through the virtual channels, in addition to his evaluations and activities.

The Order promotes face-to-face meetings in specific cities and dates of the year, with details provided only to members who have passed the probationary stage. In these meetings are performed rituals, initiations, lectures and other activities, promoting harmony and harmony.

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